środa, 4 września 2013

fire drill

Two weeks ago my neighbor's apartment caught fire.  The water from putting out her fire invaded my apartment across the hall and promptly flooded my walk in closet and entry way.  I've spent the passing weeks fighting with my landlord and cleaning up the damage. The silver lining of this whole situation has been that it's forced me to sit face to face with my hoarding habits. I own more clothing, shoes, etc than any one person could ever need.

Yes. I have bitched and moaned plenty about this very thing. But it took a literal fire to light a figurative flame under my butt. I've thrown out 6 bags of "stuff" and sold three bags of clothing.  Sadly I find I still have more THINGS than I need. Considering that I don't wear half of what I own I'm going to push forward with purging more from my life. 

The only regret I have felt so far has been when selling my clothes. The buyer was very sweet but made a point to mention that everything I was selling was "gold" and "so on trend". LISTEN!! I bought these things because I like them. The fact of the matter is I just don't wear it. If I don't wear it then it has to go. Period. 

My current closet is full of items I love in theory but don't wear. My dream closet is full of timeless classics and a few special pieces that I can mix and match. I highly doubt my dream closet can be achieved over night but I think I'm on my way.

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