środa, 4 września 2013

current situation

  • My apartment was damaged in a fire caused by my neighbor. Although inconvenient I have found "homelessness" to be quite fun. My dog is fine. 
  • Updates on my Mother's health are as follows: her health is not good enough to qualify for the treatment that would eradicate the Hep C from her system. She is now on a wait list for a liver transplant. This will probably take years. 
  • With everything that is happening I still find myself walking around with a large smile on my face. 
  • When things start to feel out of control I simply lean into it. 
  • Writing has been slow in coming. I start to write and after struggling to get a good sentence or two I get frustrated and stop. A friend gave me the Artist's Way as a way to potentially unblock myself. 
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